Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville to make a showing at the Building, Home & Remodeling Show℠

The 2013 Building, Home & Remodeling Show℠ starts tomorrow!  We can't wait to get in and see the Lendon Model!  The folks from IMapApps have started creating an interactive 3D model which they have a short fly through video for but they are waiting on the actual physical model to released before they can enhance their work much more.  Here is the initial video fly through of the early version of the interactive 3D model 

Of course there are not many buildings in this fly through currently but they will be built in as soon as imapapps gets to view the physical model.

We hope to see everyone out at the Building, Home & Remodeling Show℠ this weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New progress pics at Lendon

We are all excited about the The 2013 Building, Home & Remodeling Show℠ being held at the VBC March 1st through the 3rd.  The Lendon of Huntsville model will be unveiled there!  We can't wait!  We will definitely have some pics of that to share but for now here are some more pics of the current development.
Panorama view, compare to the one in the past post to see the changes.

A view from the walking bridge looking south towards the soon to be Dewitt Drive.

A view from the walking bridge looking south towards the soon to be Dewitt Drive.

A local Nutria decided to pitch in developing the waterway.

View of the Nutria dam

different view of the Nutria at Lendon.

Not the Nutria! 

Close to where Dewitt Drive will be looking toward Ahearn Lane 

This should be where Ahearn Lane connects to Canal Street.

We will be able to put better placement on these pictures when the model is released and we can have our team over at create an interactive map.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What you can expect from Lendon of Huntsville

Lendon of Huntsville is being developed through a partnership between John D. Blue (Blue Development) and Peter Lowe (Lowe Investments). Blue Development is a subsidiary of John Blue Realty, LLC, a full service management and real estate company offering a comprehensive range of real estate services provided by a team of top professionals whose personal commitment is to serve both their clients and the community. For over three generations his family has been actively involved in the growth and development of Huntsville and Madison County. Blue is also responsible for having the vision to develop Huntsville’s only Mountain Top Golf Community and Country Club , The Ledges, located only minutes from Lendon. Additional information is available at

The inspiration for the community and design of Lendon came from Huntsville's most noted historical district Twickenham which has architectural charm and inviting streetscape.  Lendon demands the architectural sensitivity necessary to capture the historical charm yet allows for modern floor plans and interior designs to meet today's lifestyles. The historic styles will be an eclectic mix of elevations that add visual richness and position Lendon as a classic "timeless" community.  Keeping with the historical charm Lendon will not be a gated community.  We will have walk-able neighborhoods open to the surrounding area to ensure access to shopping, parks, and other amenities.

Along with the inspired design Lendon residents will enjoy: A traditional walking neighborhood in Huntsville’s premier location, Jones Valley. some of the cool features include:

• Access to three (3) parks encompassing over 30 acres and Huntsville's Aldridge Creek Greenway Foot Path System that connects Lendon to the Tennessee River.

• Walking access to over 600,000 square feet of shopping and entertainment including the 19 screen Rave Theater, Super Target, multiple restaurants and a family health facility all nestled within 2,000 acres of open pastures and woodland spaces.

• Full professional landscape services maintaining the lots, open spaces, streets trees, neighborhood parks, street lights, and sidewalks throughout the community.

• Each lot owner will be given a Pattern Book fully defining architectural designs to ensure each home and lawn conforms to the highest standards and overall theme of the community.

• The village is located within the jurisdiction of Huntsville's best performing schools.

We will also see some innovations with the homeowners association.  The Lendon Homeowners Association (“LHOA”) monthly fees, which will be billed quarterly. vary depending upon the house and homesite type The monthly assessments are subject to annual review and/or revision as outlined in the Bylaws. At the home site closing, there will a working capital fee assessed. Please contact the Lendon sales team for current homeowner fees.
The LHOA fees will cover the following:

• Landscape maintenance and seasonal planting within all common areas throughout the community.

• Street tree maintenance.

• Trails and sidewalks outside of the street ROW that are not maintained by the City of Huntsville.

• LHOA sponsored social events.

• Holiday decorations and displays.

• Maintenance for each owner/residence covering the landscape maintenance for their lot outside a fenced or gated area.

• All attached units will be charged a separate LHOA fee unique to each residential grouping for exterior maintenance and roof repairs.

LHOA fees also cover:

• Insurance reasonably necessary to protect LHOA from liability.

• Water used to irrigate the entrances and open spaces. If the Developer decides to install a central irrigation system for the entire neighborhood along with each home lot then there will be an addition cost for the maintenance and repairs for the system.

• Electricity for entry lighting and other landscape lighting in common spaces.

• Support to the management responsible for maintaining Lendon on a day-to-day basis.

There are additional items not listed above that the LHOA fees cover. All LHOA meetings are open to members and they have an opportunity to participate in leadership positions helping to ensure Lendon remains one of Huntsville's premier communities. The management company will prepare annual budgets for distribution to all LHOA members to reflect the estimated cost to support the community for the upcoming year.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lendon area Median Net Worth map

I thought it might be helpful for folks who are considering purchasing a new home in Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley to see the Lendon area Median Net Worth map that was created by the IMapApps team.  This map shows us the median household net worth in the area as reported in 2010.  Net worth is total household wealth minus debt, secured and unsecured. Net worth includes home equity, equity in pension plans, net equity in vehicles, IRAs and Keogh accounts, business equity, interest-earning assets and mutual fund shares, stocks, etc. Examples of secured debt include home mortgages and vehicle loans; examples of unsecured debt include credit card debt, certain bank loans, and other outstanding bills. Forecasts of net worth are based on the Survey of Consumer Finances, Federal Reserve Board.

We will continue to try to give you useful information like this in order to help you be in control of the choice you are making to purchase a newly built home in Lendon of Huntsville in Jones Valley.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville had another productive week at Jones Valley

Here at Jones Valley the construction crew had another productive week.  The land is being leveled and starting to take shape.  They are pushing around the dirt or in a lot of cases mud to make the base of the Lendon Development.  We are looking for a dry week this week so the workers can continue to advance.  There is a small chance of rain early in the week but we hope that it missed Jones Valley allowing Lendon development to push on.  Here are some quick pictures of the work to this point.