Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lendon June updates and a rainbow!

We are pleased to report that all of the roads in the Phase I area seem to be paved as you will notice in the pictures.  You will also find that many of the trees have found their way around the newly paved roads which is starting to give the development more of a community feel every day.  Of course work is continuing on the rest of the development, much of which pictures can't really capture, for example all of the drainage and utility pipes have been successfully installed.  A huge plus, but little to see above ground.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, see if you can find the rainbow in a picture or two.

Monday, June 9, 2014

How did Lendon hold up to the heavy rain and flash flooding in Huntsville

Over the weekend you may have noticed the flash flood warnings and wondered how Lendon held up.  Good news!  The drainage system throughout the development area worked perfectly!  All of the water drained as should be expected and there was no unexpected standing water.  Here are a few pictures the morning after the flash flood warnings and heavy rainfall.  Also notice that the asphalt is down on some of the streets, how cool is that?  Any guesses what's next?  Street signs?  Lights?  Buildings?  We're all looking forward to the new community and I'll keep bringing you pictures so you can follow this exciting development!