Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley Master Plan

The master plan

Here is the master plan for the development of Lendon of Huntsville an Jones Valley.  It looks like they plan to add a new walking path on the back side of the ponds.  You could always walk there in the grass and many do.  That side of the pond was where you could often find dogs fetching their floating dog toys that their owners would toss into the pond.  There were at times lawn mower paths but really they never let that area get very high.  

Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley is supported by a development team comprised of four companies.  John Blue Realty4 Site IncSmith Gee Studio, and Land Innovations.  The exact roles of each company are yet a little blurred to me although it is clear that John Blue of John Blue Reality is one of the founders of this project.  The other founder is Peter Lowe of Lowe investments.  With these two powerhouses together there is well over a lifetime of experience motivating this community.

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