Monday, July 15, 2013

Lendon Infrastructure Update

Looking at the Lendon site over the past two weeks there's little to show in the way of visible progress but let me assure you that the work has been progressing very nicely.  The reason there is little to see is that the majority of the current work is being done on the infrastructure underground.  That's right, all of the pipelines are being strung together and sealed up tight.  To do this they have to dig small ditches throughout the entire property a little at a time then drop and seal the pipes and of course cover.  I did get into the site to take a few pictures so you can see a little of this infrastructure in progress, but the first couple of pictures are of an area that looks like they are redistributing soil again.  It seems to be a big area that has been dug out to mix in better topsoil.  I hope you enjoy!