Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jones Valley Population Growth 2010 - 2012

I thought it might be cool to check out the population growth of the area to see what's been happening in the recent past as far as growth in and around Jones Valley.  I had the folks at IMapApps Website Design create this map for us to identify the trends.  The small star is of course the Lendon site area.  We can clearly see from this map that Lendon is happily in a growing location where we can all prosper for generations to come.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Updates and Advancements at Lendon

We have a few new advancements to report.  The first advancement is that the pipes have been being put in place under the roads.  They are digging small sections and connecting the pipes to run throughout the Lendon properties.  This means we will soon have utilities strung through the site and then development will really take off.  The second thing to report is that the trench that was dug out is now completely refilled with new dirt and has left little trace that it was ever there.  The folks at http://imapapps.com have provided some more professional pictures so you can see the development.
One of the connections to the pipes under the dirt

Small section dug up for the new pipes

Overview of the new terrain

This is where the trench used to be

Looking over the trench remains at the commercial area of the site

Monday, June 17, 2013

Supplies are making their way to Lendon

I had mentioned that some piping had made it's way to the scene in a prior post but now there is a lot of pipes showing up.  It looks like they are getting ready to line the site with utilities!  This is a very exciting stage of development because it means phase I of the Lendon site is close to being molded into it's new terrain and the building is soon to follow.  I have tried to capture a few pics but it was pretty dusty so here are the best of the days pics.
The new pipes which are being moved to multiple locations throughout the site.

The trench which is almost all the way filled back in at this point.

The dump truck bringing more soil to the trench.

The dust storm caused by the dry hot day and of course no grass yet.

The bulldozer pushing around the load of soil that the dump truck just dropped off.  As you can see in this picture the trench is almost gone.

This is an overview of the pond at the Jones Farm Park looking at Lendon, I love this view!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville real estate available.

I'm sure that you don't want to miss out on Lendon's traditional neighborhood development.  It will be a unique blend of modern conveniences and the traditional styles and values of the days past.  This will be the first community of its kind in Jones Valley.  All of the residents will be able to enjoy the scenery and serenity of the countryside pastures, lush mountain peaks, and grazing cattle, yet have convenient access to great neighborhood services.
Lendon will have the most stunning village-style commercial center that will include restaurants offering various cuisines, boutique-style shops, and professional services which residents will be in walking distance from.  Of course on their walk they can visit the beautifully landscaped adjoining parkland or stroll over to Valley Bend At Jones Farm, the major retail center offering a variety of great stores and restaurants.

Here is a preview map of the phase I development.
We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lendon's Canal street has some new markers

This week has seen some advancements over at the Lendon of Huntsville site.  Canal street has some new markers that have been placed in the middle of the dirt road.  These markers seem to go most of the way along the Jones Farm Park side to the Lendon Esplanade.  Maybe we'll see some development on the road soon.  Now a little more about that trench I spoke about.  It seems that it isn't totally being filled back in.  I took some shots of it after they filled it partially back in so you can see what is going on.  It looks like maybe they have displaced some of the soil that was in there and replaced it with possibly less dense soil.  Here are the pics.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lendon plumbing is on the horizon

We have seen a couple of new and exciting things arise here at Lendon lately.  Of course one of them was the trench, and the newest one is the arrival of the big cement piping.  The trench has had an interesting turn of events.  It has been being filled in seemingly with nothing done.  I am not completely sure what the purpose of this was, although I suspect possibly is was dug to add better drainage.  I'll keep 'digging' into this as much as I can to see if I can find out why.  
The cement tubing that showed up is interesting because so far there is only about 10 or 12 pieces.  Clearly this would not be the entire plumbing for the site, and it may only be road drainage we have yet to confirm the intended use.  I will follow up on this and keep a close eye on where these go and how they flow.  
Here are a few pictures.  I'll get more over the weekend.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Work continues through Saturday here at Lendon.

What a beautiful day it was yesterday in Jones Valley!  We had a high temperature of 87°, the sun was out, there was a warm breeze and several clouds to give us a little break from the intense heat.  I was going to play a little bean bag toss but thought I should stop by the site first.  As I strolled over to the Lendon site today I quickly saw that although it was Saturday the workers were chugging away.  The new trench was being excavated and we could see dirt ramps on both ends, several dirt mounds strategically placed throughout the commercial end of the site, and the internal workings of the roads (which are difficult to see from the outside of the construction zone so I snapped a few pics for you.)
Internal road being used by construction vehicles.

Long view of the road

The dirt wall that is in the middle of the site

Looking back at the road