Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville is being transformed

We are about a month into the construction and development of Lendon and although we have seen some rain delays, the project is on track and looking great!  The entire south end which will be mostly residential has been plowed, flattened, and is being remolded to the design specs.  The north end which will be retail and parking was well underway but the rain and subsequent mud and water forced the workers to refocus their initial efforts elsewhere.  All of the workers at the site have been doing a great job of working around natures obstacles, we are lucky to have such a great team!

Here are some of the residential properties being offered.

 The Lendon Brownstone will be located on Canal Street which borders Jones Farm Park and on the north end of Main street.  The canal street properties are available between Athearn Lane and Dewitt Drive.  The Civic Building will reside directly across the street from the end property on the north side.

The Lendon Cottage homes will be sprinkled in the community.  There are several which are spread around Main street and Athearn Lane.  These are beautiful 1700 to 2600 sq. ft. homes.

The Lendon Villa homes step up the size to 2400-3200 sq. ft. and will located throughout the South end of Lendon.

The Lendon Manor homes have some pretty cool architectural designs and their layouts range from 2600-4000 sq. ft.  These homes will be mostly gathered around Main Street and the upper west side near Willow Creek Park.

The Lendon Estates are all located on the upper west side.  There are not many of these marvels so if you are looking for an awesome home that is between 3200-5200 sq. ft. please act quick as they won't last long.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Work resumes in Jones Valley on Lendon of Huntsville

We are happy to report that the development of Lendon here in Jones Valley is back in full stride.  The trucks are muddy and the ground is a huge mucky mess but it few days of sun over the weekend has helped slightly.  Due to the conditions the work has mostly rotated to the south end of the community where the ground elevation is a little bit higher.  We believe that the rest of the ground should completely drain in a day or two at most.  We don't expect any rain until Friday so we hope to see a major push this week.  We don't expect to see and foundations quite yet but that won't be too long.  I snapped a few pics of them in action, maybe next time I'll youtube a video or two.  It might be a little early for that since all we see so far is trucks moving dirt.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The sun is back at Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley

It had been a long stretch of rain that ended in snow flurries but here in Jones Valley the sun is back!  The construction site is drying out over the long weekend and we expect to see major development starting back up on the Lendon project on Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jones Valley Weather Halts Lendon of Huntsville Development

This is not the Jones Valley weather blog, but the rain has become a nuisance!  It has continued day after day and Lendon is a muddy mess!  You can see in the weather clip below that it should stop today only to be followed up with a shot of snow.  Yes, it says snow will hit Jones Valley.  That should make for a nice cover over the mud.

We hope to see more progress by the beginning of next week.  This week looks pretty shot.  Any work that may get done on Friday will most likely be cleanup and drainage.  We don't expect this minor delay to have any major impact on the overall timeline of the project but we are keeping a close eye on that as well.  Lendon of Huntsville is still on track!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain Slows Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley

The rain has put a damper on things down here in Jones Valley.  This week ended with several days of precipitation making the entire development area soggy and muddy.  There wasn't much in the way of hard rain or storms but more a soggy persistent mist that made construction almost impossible.  There was not a lot of work done at the actual site but rest assured that everyone in the offices were busy.  Work should resume early next week weather permitting.

I would like to point out that we still see some residential and commercial plots open.  You don't want to miss your opportunity to get in to Lendon of Huntsville and start new in Jones Valley!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Major development is under way - Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley

What a day for the development!  Things were moving fast yesterday!  The mounds of dirt were piling up and large areas were being cleared.  I'll try to walk through the pictures so we can identify what is going on.

Dirt Mounds

These dirt mounds are created directly adjoining the Jones Farm Park.  They seem to be leveling out and forming a path up to the 4 Mile Post Road which leads me to believe that they will be dropping pavement on here and making this the exterior road soon.  I believe this will be Canal Street.

The North End

As you can see here there has been a lot of digging and flattening.  I have added a nice panorama picture with the stream being the mid point. 

Drainage and Foundation

Here you can see that they are digging a foundation for the parking lot and adding some drainage paths.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Team information - Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley Development

I have a little more information about the development team.  The team will be comprised of 5 major leaders.
  1. JohnBlue from John Blue Reality acting as the CEO
  2. Jerry Cargile from 4 Site Inc as the principle engineer
  3. Andrew Wharton from 4 Site as LSLA
  4. R. Hunter Gee of Smith Gee Studios as the Principal of Lendon
  5. Fleming Wood Smith, III. from Smith Gee Studio as AIA, Principal.
This is a lineup of some of the areas best in the business.  We are excited and Honored to have such a power packed team working on the Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley project.  

Along the lines of development I'd like to take the time to mention that currently there are both residential and commercial lots available.  These lots are very limited at this point and I would suggest that you act swiftly if you would like to secure a spot.  For more information about what is left please go to the main site Once there you can check out options under Real Estate on the menu.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More construction on Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley

Today it looks like they are in the processes of flattening some paths. Possibly they intend to eventually make the roads from these paths, but for now I'm sure they are going to be used as construction access.  You can see the slow moving trucks in the background doing the work.  They all seem to be connected with the exception of the bulldozer in the back which is pushing the collection as the front truck spins its wheels through the mud.

Over on the other side of the water it looks like they are doing some digging, not exactly sure what they are digging at this point but we will keep an eye on it.