Sunday, April 28, 2013

Storm Clouds Cover Lendon of Huntsville

One of the great sights here in Jones Valley, Huntsville is the awesome clouds that flow over the vast mountain tops just before a powerful storm hits.  What a wonderful sight to see as they darken the sky and change colors from all shades of greys, blues,  purples, and whites.  I like to think of them as a quick call to attention - "Rain is on it's way!"  The water that falls from the sky is very important especially here in Alabama where it can become very hot and dry quickly.  Our lawns and gardens need the water to stay healthy.  I have found that keeping a Rain Barrel to collect natural water to do the outside watering is very efficient and saves a ton of money through the growing seasons.

Here are a few pictures of the storm clouds that were rolling in Saturday evening, I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Sunny Sunday at Lendon!

What a beautiful day it was today!  It made me think about what Lendon will be like once it is complete and everyone is here for their first Lendon summertime.  I thought it would be great to lounge in the pool, enjoy a barbecue, and share life stories with the new neighbors.  So let me share a quick story of today's adventure!  When I got to Jones Farm Park with Dexter I realized that the site was dry enough to stroll through.  So I walked through the site today where the ground has been graded and is getting a new terrain to get some really cool pictures.  When I got over there I thought it would be nice to add a couple pictures of the park view so we can see what the properties on that side will have.  I then walked down where Lendon Main will be, took a few shots looking around and of course I took some equipment pics of the trucks.  I hope you enjoy!

Started at the south end.

This is well built up from where it started

Looking south

Checking out the west view

Looking north toward Carl T. Jones Drive

A little work left to do here

This is the view of the park

Looking down Main St.

I hit some mud!

The ground got more dry as I headed toward Carl T. Jones Dr.

Beautiful view of the mountains!

More of the beautiful view of Jones Valley.

The back side of Valley Bend Plaza

Checking out the park view

Another look back at the park

The land is getting very well molded and shaped.

The muscle behind the work, Volvo and CAT!

The north end of Lendon

The CAT Caterpiller looks like it's the right tool for the job!

Panorama - Lendon of Huntsville in Jones Valley

A view from Jones Farm Park!
As you can see, the work has continued and made some great progress.  I don't currently know when the first actual structure is planned to start but I can tell you that we are getting close!  Lendon is taking shape quickly.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New pics of Lendon Development - Early April

It was a beautiful day here at Lendon.  A lot of progress was made.  We can see the ground being flattened and prepped for eventual construction.  We are glad to get a spell of dry weather so the work can stay on track.  
A view with Somerby in the background

Looking over phase 1 toward Garth Rd.

A bit of grading and flattening

Nice view of progress on the North end.

Some dust was created as the work continued

Commercial area looking good, are we ready for pavement and construction?

Corner patch looking over Carl T Jones Dr.


Work in progress

The Lendon of Huntsville sign

A look from North to South standing off Carl T Jones Dr.

Construction time is soon!

One side totally flat!

New to the scene is Falcon International.  We hope to get more information on these builders to you soon.

Dump truck, Bulldozer, and a roller, I think we hit the Trifecta!

The work continues in the residential section too.  

We can see that they are getting this section rolled out as well, great signs!

At the bottom is the soon to be Esplanade as we view the commercial section of Lendon.

This looks like a car crash at first glance but I assure you that it's just an optical illusion.  :)

The dust of a job well done!