Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lendon curbs are going in quickly!

The roads here at the Lendon development site continue to make good progress.  The curbs are now beginning to line the roads.  You know what comes after the curbs right?  Of course, the pavement!  We hope to be posting pictures of the paved roads soon, but for now here's the current progress at lendon which includes shots of the curbed roads.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is Lendon on it's side?

Never fear, all is going well over at the Lendon development site.  We have a new PBS that has been set on it's side awaiting installation but that's the only thing on it's side.  It has been great weather, clearly we are ramping up the spring development, which is why we needed additional PBS units.  You can see in the pictures provided by 3.0 Website Designs through the new Google Glass, that more of the roads have been stoned and are actually drivable.  The fire hydrants have continued to pop up around the neighborhood, and it is starting to look a lot like a community.  I can't wait to see more!
Here's the pictures, I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get ready for spring!

With spring just around the corner and Lendon development starting to ramp back up, it's a good idea to prepare your current location for the upcoming spring season especially if you're planning to sell the current property.

Here are a few good ideas to help your yard look it's best as the new growth starts around it.

Remove debris: Rake away all of the debris from the fall and winter months. Make sure to include leaves and sticks. This will allow your yard to have a fresh start for the spring. If you happen to have leftover rubbish on the lawn, it can get in the way of mowing, watering, seed planting and a number of other activities. Another benefit of raking is loosening of the surface of the soil, which encourages healthy airflow.

Apply more grass seed: This is most important in areas with weak grass growth or dead grass. Make sure you use a strong rake to open the surface. Mix the grass seed with new, healthy soil in a bucket. Then spread the mixture over the ground. Don't forget to regularly water this area to foster hearty and fast grass growth.
Mulch: Mulch is a protective covering that you can apply to soil to lock in moisture. Mulching with a depth of 2 to 4 inches around the bases of trees, shrubs and in flower beds helps to retain water and keep plants warm and healthy.

Water deeply: Many homeowners water their lawns often -- but with little water. However, it's better to water only when your lawn needs it with a lot of water. If you water deep and sparingly, you will train the grass roots to dig deeper into the soil. Whereas, if you water lightly and often, you will train the roots to stay near the surface, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.