Saturday, May 25, 2013

New revealing trench at the Lendon site

Over the past couple of days we saw the team mark out an expansion of the initial work area on the Northeast end of the property.  They added construction fencing that was much taller than around any other part of the development.  We thought maybe because it was closer to the walking path they needed to have a higher fence, until yesterday.  This is when we saw the team begin to dig out a huge trench.  This trench reveals a lot of history in the soil.  You can see many different levels of dirt and sediment.  It even looks like there is a layer of burn residue.  Of course you can find this kind of layering most places that you choose to dig deep enough, but it is really cool to see how the land had grown and changed over time.  I took several pictures to show you and I plan to get a few more under different lighting so you can see clearly the cool layering.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canal street work at Lendon.

As we suspected Canal Street work continued following the sub-pumping of the proposed street.  The crew built up and rolled out the path where the road is going.  The days of this looking like an actual canal are done.  Of course it is not yet paved or ready for general traffic, but it now is useful as a construction entrance as well as for marking out the other roads to come such as Tassos Lane, Lofts Lane, Ahearn Lane, and Dewitt Drive.  These will be the roads that run East and West within this part of the development and they all will connect to Canal Street which borders Jones Farm Park.  Here are just a couple of pictures of the road being worked on and then the built up product of their fine work.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

New additions to Lendon Development site

This has been an exciting week here in Jones Valley.  The Lendon development team has added the construction trailer, the geese have added some young ones and the street has been sub-pumped.  We've been wondering what the gravel block was and when they would start working on the street so now I guess we have our answer!  The gravel was to firm up a driveway/ parking area for the construction trailer, and they are starting work on the road now, or at least draining it so the work can start.  Here are just a few pictures, check back for more updates over the weekend.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beautiful blue skies over Jones Valley's Lendon of Huntsville

The beauty that one can take in here in Jones Valley is simply breathtaking!  We get some most incredible shades of blue that coat the sky behind the mountain tops.  Today there were very few clouds which the sight even more awe inspiring.  I love to walk through Jones Farm Park on days like this to hear the birds chirp, watch the wildlife play, and of course view the greatness of nature.  When I find the perfect spot I enjoy breaking out the picnic cooler and sharing a wonderful picnic with my family.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Progress, progress, progress! Lendon of Huntsville is coming along.

We can see some really cool progress here now!  We're not quite to the point that we see structures going up but we certainly can see the shape of the community falling into place.  It looks like they have completed the shaping of the ground on the north side and have started dropping in a gravel foundation which you can see in the pictures.  We did get a bit of rain yesterday and there's a good chance we'll have rain through Monday but we expect to see the work continue on Tuesday.  This is very exciting to watch the progress!  Sometimes it looks like it's just a bunch of dirt being pushed around until you see the shape coming together. It's like watching a sculpture create a masterpiece, the clay doesn't look like much at first but as each stage of the process continues the art begins to shine.
Work continues on the south west end of the community

We can see the North end almost ready

Panorama to compare the changes 

Finishing touches

Trucks, dirt and dust!

Building up the corners

Up and around

This is a slow process but much needed

The Results

These were taken between the spells of rain.  Of course there are some puddles but you can see how nice of a job they did flattening out this end.  Also notice the gravel that they started to lay.  Does anyone want to guess what day we'll see the first structures foundation poured?
Gravel platform in the distance

A little closer to the platform

Here's the gravel that has been started.  This is great to see the nice work they are doing.

Looking south

Looking north