Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley Construction begins soon!

Jones Farm Park will be getting a little smaller very soon.  All of the land around it will be turned into 250 homes of varying sizes and styles, boutique shopping, outdoor cafes, a large clubhouse that doubles as a bed and breakfast for out-of-town guests, and narrow streets to encourage walking.  I will take some pictures to document the progress.  I will start off by showing you what they are heading toward.  This will be called Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley, which of course we shorten to Lendon at Jones Valley.

Lendon Main

Retail and Office Spaces

Brownstones on The Park

The Village

Canal Promenade

Lendon at Jones Valley development looks like it will be pretty cool altho I will certainly miss the walks through the fields and the wildlife that we could see there regularly.  Here are a few pictures I found of the area prior to any work being done.

Pre-Lendon at Jones Valley

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