Friday, March 15, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville Development progress update

There has been a lot of progress made at the Lendon site however some of it is hard to notice at first glance. Most of the progress so far has been creating the topography with the designed elevation areas.  If you look back through some of the other pictures it will become clear what has been accomplished.  Today I also decided to get some shots from the back side of the construction area as well as at the top of one of the newly created hilltops.  The mud has finally firmed up enough to walk on.  I don't suggest walking on it quite yet though.

From Jones Farm Park

From parking lot of the farm park.

From parking lot of the farm park.
More views of Lendon

Distance view of the development

Distance view of the development

Panorama from the stream bridge

Single shot of the panorama

Stream and soon to be storefronts and parking

Walking the Stream

Parking lot drainage

Drainage running where the parking lot will be

Work trucks at rest

 The West-end view

Still a bit muddy

View from the north west end of phase one area

Phase one area

Drainage added to help work continue

Looking east toward the backside of  Jones valley shopping center

View looking toward Carl T. Jones Drive.

This may be where Main Street will be.

This looks like it might be a natural spring or well in the middle of the development

 View from the new Hilltop

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