Saturday, May 25, 2013

New revealing trench at the Lendon site

Over the past couple of days we saw the team mark out an expansion of the initial work area on the Northeast end of the property.  They added construction fencing that was much taller than around any other part of the development.  We thought maybe because it was closer to the walking path they needed to have a higher fence, until yesterday.  This is when we saw the team begin to dig out a huge trench.  This trench reveals a lot of history in the soil.  You can see many different levels of dirt and sediment.  It even looks like there is a layer of burn residue.  Of course you can find this kind of layering most places that you choose to dig deep enough, but it is really cool to see how the land had grown and changed over time.  I took several pictures to show you and I plan to get a few more under different lighting so you can see clearly the cool layering.

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