Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fighting the wet weather

As we all know the beginning of this year brought Huntsville a lot of water and rain slowing and muddying development.  We watched as the crews began digging and moving the land around to make Lendon perfect.  At the beginning every rain would bring huge puddles and a ton of mud, it would be days before the trucks could begin working effectively again.  As time went on and the process continued we saw big trenches dug out and wondered what the purpose was.  We soon learned that they were replacing the current high clay content dirt with a much nicer residential grade soil.  This process not only makes the soil look better, but also offers much nicer drainage.  Still at that point we would see water buildup after a nice storm.
The crews continued to work away and remold the grounds of Lendon.  They began to add drainage throughout the 'Phase I' area which was a long process with little to see as drainage, of course is underground.  The drainage that was added along with the new soil has proven to be very impressive!  We just had a rain storm this weekend and the ground looks pretty good.  I wouldn't suggest rolling around out there quite yet, but I'm sure when grass and trees are added to soak up the rest of the water these rainstorms will be nothing to the Lendon community.
So in short, the battle against the rain has been increasingly more and more successful just as planned!  The crew clearly made great plans and have executed them with confidence and precision.  Nice job guys!  Please feel free to congratulate them in the comment section below.
Here are a few pictures I got today.  You can see the current section that they are working on replacing the soil has taken a little water but that's expected when there's an unfilled hole in a rainstorm.

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