Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting ready to move in to your Lendon Home

This may seem a little early to start thinking about moving in to your new Lendon home, but really it's never too early to start the planning.  It is best to make sure that you are completely covered in the moving department.  Last minute distractions can really be disruptive in a move.  So let's cover a few things that you can start thinking about early to avoid the stress of unplanned drama.

1) Consider all of your current belongings.
a) Are there items you own that you use seasonally or relative less often that you can begin to pack?
b) Are there items that you really don't want or use any more that you could donate to charity or sell in a garage sale?
c) Do you have packing supplies such as boxes, shrink wrap, blankets, and straps?

2) Consider the new home, will you need new items?
a) Curtains
b) Throw rugs
c) Throw pillows
d) Furniture
e) Pet supplies

3) Start talking to your service providers
a) Speak with you insurance carrier about the changes you will be making. They can guide you through the process of changing your home owners insurance as well as all other insurance policies you may have.
b) Mailing address will need to be updated. You can do this online in most places or go right down to your local post office. You can schedule this to be done at a future date so it can be taken care of as early as you know a move in date.
c) Cable and phone services are good to schedule as early as possible as well. They get booked and if you don't schedule them early you can be stuck waiting several days or even a week to get you new service.

4) If you are new to the area it is a good idea to spend a weekend or two prior to moving in to become acquainted with the location
a) Drive around and find the local stores and shopping centers.
b) Look around for your exercise locations, gyms, hiking trails, play grounds.
c) Locate and visit your local congregation.

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