Friday, May 23, 2014

LENDON Streets Pass Compaction Tests, Building Markers go up -Trees and Curbs Go In, and Home Show & ValleyFest 2014 a Success!

 It has been a very busy couple of Months at LENDON.; The weather has become favorable (intermittently), and construction is going forward full steam. Continue reading for details and other recent news.
STREETS PASS COMPACTION TESTS: The Streets of LENDON have passed the City inspections for compaction. The Gravel Base has been laid, the curbs and street parking spaces are being poured, and asphalt is scheduled to go down next week. Once the streets are ready, construction on the homes and buildings is then scheduled to begin (See Photos of LENDON's Street Construction Below). TREES: Many of the great variety of trees ordered for landscaping LENDON have arrived at the development and will be going in the ground soon. Included varieties are Duraheat River Birch, Blackgum, Chinese Pistache, Swamp White Oak, Bald Cypress, and yes, included appropriately are quite a number of Linden Trees (See Photos Below). BUILDING MARKERS: Marker Signs are being erected directly on each building's construction site (See Photos Below). This will help those touring the Development to better understand where these larger structures and community buildings will be positioned. For an overall view of the Development, a Marker Sign showing Phase I is now facing the South Entrance near Four Mile Post Road, and a Marker showing LENDON's Master Plan is at the Jones Farm Road Entrance off of Carl T. Jones Blvd. A 3D Model of the LENDON development is available for viewing inside our Construction Trailer. Feel free to stop by during business hours, or call (256) 963-7300 or (256) 705-5475 for an appointment. For an interactive overview of the Development, a virtual tour is available at the top of the home page, here on the LENDON Website. BROWNSTONE DESIGN FINALIZED: This Design for the Brownstone Buildings is now under Final Review. See this final design in the photo section below, and look for the Brownstones to start comming out of the ground in the next sixty days. VALLEYFEST 2014: We want to thank South Huntsville Civic Association for organizing another AWESOME ValleyFest this past Saturday! After canceling the May 10th Event due to a solid forecast of thunderstorms, SHCH boldly went ahead with their plans to hold the Event on the 17th, in spite of another forecast of rain. Well, rain it did ... but the Vendors, Bands, and Foodtrucks patiently set up and waited, and sure enough the clouds eventually parted and then the party began!. One attendee said that seeing the event come to life after the rain was "like watching a colorful flower open up after a spring shower!". LENDON opened its newly compacted streets and parking areas to the Event to provide the Vendors and Visitors a convenient place to park. Once the Rain died down, in the early part of the day, the crowds started showing up. They kept our parking attendants busy until the entire development was filled all the way to the LENDON entrance at Four Mile Post Road. John Blue Realty is Proud to be a founding sponsor of ValleyFest and we are pleased, and amazed, to see how popular ValleyFest has become in less than one year. We wish to thank the Public for coming out and enjoying the event as well, and though we apologize for the rainy weather, please understand that there wasn't much we could do about that ;-). We had so much fun however, in spite of the soggy conditions early on, that we hope SHCA will consider holding another ValleyFest in the Fall ... but we will just have to wait and see what takes shape. Please take a look below at LENDON's ValleyFest tent and a few other photos we took while at the event. For more photos and other news relating to the event please visit the ValleyFest facebook link below: VBCC BUILDING HOME & REMODELING SHOW: The Show at the Von Braun Civic Center March 7th, 8th, and 9th was loads of fun and it was good talking with all those interested in the LENDON Development. Now that the roads at LENDON are almost ready it is exciting to see the public's interest grow. See pictures below of the LENDON Booth with some of the many Visitors that stopped by. STREET CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS:
Road Grader Grades the Pug Mix Gravel Base
An Excavator digs near a Storm Drain
Crews fill Curb forms near Jones Farm Park
Crews Pour Curb with Trees in Background
Crews Brush wet concrete Parking Spaces at the 5 Unit Brownstone Site
The Curb And Gutter Machine gets moving
Compacted Street with Curb

Unloading the Trees at LENDON
Raising the trees at LENDON
Trees in Temporary Reservior
Trees all Ready for Planting
Datatek installs Building Marker Signs
Lendon Main Marker
Canal Promenade Marker near canal
Townhouses Marker

Brave ValleyFest Vendors waited-out the Rain
The Crowds showed up following the early Rain
LENDON Streets opened for ValleyFest Parking
Visitors Parked in front of the LENDON Brownstone Marker
Front View of The LENDON Tent
The LENDON Tent Welcomes Visitors
Architect Scott Wilson Helps Host the LENDON Tent
And the Bands Played on and on
John Blue provides some Information outside the LENDON Booth
John Blue Hosts the LENDON Home Show Booth
LENDON Booth shows 3D Model Map, POP Displays, and Virtual Tour

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