Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Work resumes in Jones Valley on Lendon of Huntsville

We are happy to report that the development of Lendon here in Jones Valley is back in full stride.  The trucks are muddy and the ground is a huge mucky mess but it few days of sun over the weekend has helped slightly.  Due to the conditions the work has mostly rotated to the south end of the community where the ground elevation is a little bit higher.  We believe that the rest of the ground should completely drain in a day or two at most.  We don't expect any rain until Friday so we hope to see a major push this week.  We don't expect to see and foundations quite yet but that won't be too long.  I snapped a few pics of them in action, maybe next time I'll youtube a video or two.  It might be a little early for that since all we see so far is trucks moving dirt.  

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