Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Major development is under way - Lendon of Huntsville at Jones Valley

What a day for the development!  Things were moving fast yesterday!  The mounds of dirt were piling up and large areas were being cleared.  I'll try to walk through the pictures so we can identify what is going on.

Dirt Mounds

These dirt mounds are created directly adjoining the Jones Farm Park.  They seem to be leveling out and forming a path up to the 4 Mile Post Road which leads me to believe that they will be dropping pavement on here and making this the exterior road soon.  I believe this will be Canal Street.

The North End

As you can see here there has been a lot of digging and flattening.  I have added a nice panorama picture with the stream being the mid point. 

Drainage and Foundation

Here you can see that they are digging a foundation for the parking lot and adding some drainage paths.

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