Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lendon of Huntsville is placed in the Connoisseurs Category

I found a little information I thought I'd share with folks looking to purchase homes as well as businesses here in Lendon. This information comes from ESRI's tapestry segmentation document. I hope you will find it useful. Of course if it is not clear at first what exactly is being represented please feel free to download the full documentation and check it out.
For more than 30 years, companies, agencies, and organizations have used segmentation to divide and group their consumer markets to more precisely target their best customers and prospects. This targeting method is superior to using “scattershot” methods that might attract these preferred groups. Segmentation explains customer diversity, simplifies marketing campaigns, describes lifestyle and lifestage, and incorporates a wide range of data. Segmentation systems operate on the theory that people with similar tastes, lifestyles, and behaviors seek others with the same tastes—“like seeks like.” These behaviors can be measured, predicted, and targeted. Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation system combines the “who” of lifestyle demography with the “where” of local neighborhood geography to create a model of various lifestyle classifications or segments of actual neighborhoods with addresses—distinct behavioral market segments.
This thematic map illustrates the locations of ESRI  Tapestry Segmentation clusters in the United States in 2010. Tapestry Segmentation, Esri's geodemographic market segmentation system, classifies U.S. neighborhoods into 65 segments [PDF] based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition [PDF]. For a broader view of markets, segments are grouped into 12 LifeMode Summary Groups that reflect lifestyles/life stages and 11 Urbanization Summary Groups that show levels of affluence and population density.


Block Groups
1, Top Rung
2, Suburban Splendor
3, Connoisseurs
4, Boomburbs
5, Wealthy Seaboard Suburbs
6, Sophisticated Squires
7, Exurbanites

8, Laptops and Lattes
9, Urban Chic
10, Pleasant-Ville
11, Pacific Heights
12, Up and Coming Families
13, In Style
14, Prosperous Empty Nesters
15, Silver and Gold
16, Enterprising Professionals
17, Green Acres
18, Cozy and Comfortable
19, Milk and Cookies
20, City Lights
21, Urban Villages
22, Metropolitans
23, Trendsetters
24, Main Street USA
25, Salt of the Earth
26, Midland Crowd
27, Metro Renters
28, Aspiring Young Families
29, Rustbelt Retirees
30, Retirement Communities
31, Rural Resort Dwellers
32, Rustbelt Traditions
33, Midlife Junction
34, Family Foundations
35, International Marketplace
36, Old and Newcomers
37, Prairie Living
38, Industrious Urban Fringe
39, Young and Restless
40, Military Proximity
41, Crossroads
42, Southern Satellites
43, The Elders
44, Urban Melting Pot
45, City Strivers
46, Rooted Rural
47, Las Casas
48, Great Expectations
49, Senior Sun Seekers
50, Heartland Communities
51, Metro City Edge
52, Inner City Tenants
53, Home Town
54, Urban Rows
55, College Towns
56, Rural Bypasses
57, Simple Living
58, NeWest Residents
59, Southwestern Families
60, City Dimensions
61, High Rise Renters
62, Modest Income Homes
63, Dorms to Diplomas
64, City Commons
65, Social Security Set
66, Unclassified
It is very cool that the Jones Valley area including Lendon of Huntsville has been placed in the Connoisseurs category! 


Residents of Connoisseurs neighborhoods are somewhat older, with a median age of 47 years. Approximately 70 percent of the population is married. Although residents appear closer to retirement than child-rearing age, 30 percent of the households are married couples with children living at home. Ethnic diversity is negligible.


With a median net worth of $708,781, Connoisseurs are second in affluence only to the Top Rung segment. This market is well educated; 64 percent of the population aged 25 years and older hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Employed residents earn wages from high-paying management, professional, and sales jobs. Many are selfemployed; the rate is twice that of the national average. They have a median household income of $121,368 and supplement their salaries with income from interest, dividends, and rental properties.
Thanks to IMapApps for processing this data from ESRI for us!

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