Saturday, April 13, 2013

New pics of Lendon Development - Early April

It was a beautiful day here at Lendon.  A lot of progress was made.  We can see the ground being flattened and prepped for eventual construction.  We are glad to get a spell of dry weather so the work can stay on track.  
A view with Somerby in the background

Looking over phase 1 toward Garth Rd.

A bit of grading and flattening

Nice view of progress on the North end.

Some dust was created as the work continued

Commercial area looking good, are we ready for pavement and construction?

Corner patch looking over Carl T Jones Dr.


Work in progress

The Lendon of Huntsville sign

A look from North to South standing off Carl T Jones Dr.

Construction time is soon!

One side totally flat!

New to the scene is Falcon International.  We hope to get more information on these builders to you soon.

Dump truck, Bulldozer, and a roller, I think we hit the Trifecta!

The work continues in the residential section too.  

We can see that they are getting this section rolled out as well, great signs!

At the bottom is the soon to be Esplanade as we view the commercial section of Lendon.

This looks like a car crash at first glance but I assure you that it's just an optical illusion.  :)

The dust of a job well done!

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