Sunday, June 2, 2013

Work continues through Saturday here at Lendon.

What a beautiful day it was yesterday in Jones Valley!  We had a high temperature of 87°, the sun was out, there was a warm breeze and several clouds to give us a little break from the intense heat.  I was going to play a little bean bag toss but thought I should stop by the site first.  As I strolled over to the Lendon site today I quickly saw that although it was Saturday the workers were chugging away.  The new trench was being excavated and we could see dirt ramps on both ends, several dirt mounds strategically placed throughout the commercial end of the site, and the internal workings of the roads (which are difficult to see from the outside of the construction zone so I snapped a few pics for you.)
Internal road being used by construction vehicles.

Long view of the road

The dirt wall that is in the middle of the site

Looking back at the road

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